sgsfgsgsgsFought over at the near time of her birth by arc angels and demons of the Underworld, Simone Akonjo, a half vampire-human was saved at birth by a rogue Shaolin Monk who killed his own master to protect the infant from being destroyed along with others in a vampire raid.
Set in 1850’s Paris, France and present day Seattle, Simone is raised by her adopted father Arkamun, a shunned warrior Monk preparing her to battle ancient vampires he fought for years, including her own father, Kristian. Secluded from Parisian society for fear of the unknown, Arkamun keeps Simone’s heritage hidden from her until her father Kristian shows up seeking revenge by taking back his daughter and killing those involved.
In early Nineteenth Century New Orleans, the ageless Simone sees Kristian kill Arkamun and vows to kill him one day. In present day Seattle, Simone is visited by the arc angel Thomas, who tells Simone her true calling and gives her the biblical relic “The Spear of Michael” weapon as she’s chosen to lead an Apocalyptic battle against vampires and demons led by the original vampire Andras, who turned Kristian, and Lucain, the demon. She meets and falls for the charismatic and anti-hero Malik Turner, who lost his whole family to vampires, as his passion for killing them has no bounds. Simone, her Shaolin Monks, Malik and his urban warriors, Father Martinez, the priest, and a bad-ass lesbian detective named Hanna Nash rage war against evil in this sexy, dark and exotic tale.

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About the Author

M. Anthony Phillips was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, and as a child he always enjoyed staying up and watching old movies with his father. This was turning point that crafted his creative juices. He studied writing at Harris Stowe State College, while at the same time studied martial arts and played semi-pro baseball. Relocating to Los Angeles in the 1990’s, he became an actor and screenwriter and joining the Screen Actors Guild.

He is the author of Afros and Dragons and the Birth of a Legend, and the novel Hard Times/The Extraordinary Life and Times of Nathan “The King Cobra” Washington.

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