PRAYERS & POETRY by Rashawn Johnson

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Book Description

Prayers & Poetry is from God. It is a biblically based book designed to inspire, motivate and lead you into intimacy with God. You will learn how to go deeper and have more fulfilling prayers. You will also learn how to break strongholds. Prayers & Poetry is an excellent tool for inspiration and motivation. You will receive practical tips to increase your consistency.
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“Awesome Prayer Book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Nice

Awesome read!!
The author has a really deep understanding of Christianity and poetry.
I recommend this to every prayerful Christian.
It was of great help

About the Author

Rashawn Johnson is an American Christian writer and bestselling Author. And Award-winner of breakaway daily For inspiring, motivating, he also receive best new Author’s Award for inspiration & motivation. And excellence In the arts Award In July 2016. Johnson was reborn again november 6 2011

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