At 25, Panda Heat is more mature than her peers of the same age. She has endured hardships since she was a child in a survival of the fittest orphanage camp that she was placed after she lost her parents. Once she grows, the love of her life, Alex, disappears without a trace. Repeatedly she seems to have lost her loved ones. She did not have much choice as a child to do anything but survive and grow, unlike now as a grown woman. So armed with skills and abilities that she had learned from the camp, she takes charge in finding the love of her life. Little does she know that universe has set her on a different path, the path that leads her in the struggle of consciences, love and loyalty. She journeys through the ordeal thinking whether she’d ever be reunited with her love again, or whether she will ever be able to love another and be happy again.
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Author of Prevailing Oleander, a hopeless introvert and romantic with penchant of prurient interests.

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