Pride of Love by Kevin Dwyer

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Book Description:

Twenty-five-year-old Jesse Coleman endures a heinous act on him. After the case is dropped, his mother, Claire, accedes to his request to move. Leaving behind his old life, he is left with a disturbing scar on his back. Hopelessness comes in on him and he takes off the bracelet that he has worn his whole life, which means something to him. Looking for a new beginning, Jesse who dresses differently meets Jaden who dresses like an outcast and the two fall in love with each other. With love from their mothers and good friend Liz, they try to bury their pasts behind.
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“Great Book!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By cathleen stanger

This is a great book, filed with emotion and drama. The author tells a story that is very relevant and current today, and tries to reach out to the audience and show regardless of who we are or what our sexual orientation is, everyone deserves the freedom to be who they are.

About the Author

My name is Kevin Dwyer and was born on January 16, 1984. I was born and raised in Midlothian, Illinois. As I grew up to be an adult, I knew who I was. But when you go out into society, the air becomes polluted with hate and ignorance. Like I have told others, “Happiness doesn’t come with a snap of a finger. It takes time” The love of the parent for their child, even how old they get to be, can never be broken. It is better to have one shoulder to cry on than none. When one innocent life is shattered because of others, remember this: Those who deny freedom from others deserve it not for themselves. -Abraham Lincoln

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