51aimKjnJwL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A young attorney digging in his law firm’s past in order to free his father from prison, is warned to be careful, “some things are like sacred burial grounds, and are better left alone… out of respect.” He charges ahead nevertheless, and confronts those he believes are responsible, but when a close colleague is found dead and the evidence points to him as the murderer, Elton Mozingo is faced with his greatest fear; ending up just like his father, an innocent man in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.
Prisoner Prodigal Pawn, follows the adventures of the Mozingo family as they try to unravel a conspiracy that has led to one of their own, Elton Mozingo, to be set up for murder. The story is an insider’s tale, set in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico and revolves around a law firm, an Indian casino, tribal politics, and delves into questions of race and identity throughout. The Mozingo brothers, Elton and Charles, as well as their convicted-felon father, BP, are the eponymous prisoner, prodigal son, and pawn caught up in an elaborate embezzlement scheme that its perpetrators would kill to keep hidden.
As a fugitive from justice, Elton soon realizes that the death of his colleague and the pursuit of his father’s innocence are connected. Bill Baxter, of the Baxter and Baxter law firm wants Elton captured before he uncovers much more of the past that will destroy him and his firm. Rather than seek help from his estranged brother, a tribal police officer, Elton turns to the aid of a childhood friend, Oda Raines who uses him to pursue an agenda of her own. She has been an outspoken critic of the tribal leaders for the corruption associated with the casino. The firm’s largest client is the local Native American tribe, and it is the wealth from its gaming operations that is at the heart of Elton’s troubles. Oda is ultimately faced with the choice of either saving herself or turning on an old friend.
The chase for freedom propels Elton on a suspense filled journey where the forces at play eventually push him and his brother together on a quest for vengeance against those that created the wedge between them.
Prisoner Prodigal Pawn, with its diverse characters, will appeal to readers who enjoy thrillers, but also to readers of varied cultural backgrounds looking for a new kind of protagonist to root for. In addition, the subplot takes a look at a phenomenon quietly sweeping across the Native – American landscape, that of tribal members who are being disenrolled due to – some would say— the greed associated with the success casino gambling on Native – American soil.

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“Fast-Paced, Well-Crafted Murder Mystery”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Vision Quest

This is author Robert Sparkman’s first novel. To tell you the truth, if he hadn’t mentioned it, I would have never known!

The complex, fast-moving and well-crafted plot revolves around Elton Mozingo, an upcoming lawyer in the very prosperous and successful law firm, Baxter and Baxter. Elton is estranged from his father BP Mozingo, who is incarcerated for murder, and from his brother Charles Monzingo, a tribal law officer.

As the story opens, the Firm is having a party for Bill Baxter who is about to announce that he is running for Governor. Elton has been working on the Edowaquah Tribe Casino Account and has just discovered that his father may not be guilty of murder after all. He’s looking for answers.

Elton meets with Kylee Miguel, one of the firm’s paralegals, his friend and occasional lover. Kylee confides that something is suspicioous with the Casino Account. Within minutes of their love tryst, she is found murdered with Elton’s tie around her neck and enough incriminating DNA evidence to send him to jail for life.

Landing up in jail is one of Elton’s biggest fears, he is humiliated by having a father who has been convicted of murder. Now his biggest nightmare may become a reality. He has been framed for murder, so he RUNS.

As Elton eludes the police, he tries to discover, what the firm’s founders had to do with his father’s conviction and what the Indian Casino has to do with Kylee’s murder.

The story plot is an intricate mesh of past and present, tribal history and politics, state politics surrounding Indian Casinos and the motivations driving the key characters.

Elton pursues justice for both himself and his father, he never knows who he can trust. His childhood friend Oda? His mentor Liz Baxter? His brother, Charles? His life depends on making the right choices.

If you love fast paced, character-driven murder mysteries, this one is SURE to please.

About the Author

Robert (Bob) Sparkman is the author of the debut novel, Prisoner Prodigal Pawn, an ethnic thriller set in Albuquerque, NM that takes an interesting and unique look at tribal politics and casino gambling on Indian lands.

He is an insurance claims adjuster by day, and enjoys running, sports, classic R&B, and classic rock, and the blues. He currently lives in Los Angeles, with his family, and was born and raised in Georgetown, SC. He served in the U.S. Army, the U. S. Navy and the California National Guard.

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