Professor Charles Says… Learn English!

Designed for easy learning for Home Schooling!

Learn 5 essential English words a day — in 15 minutes a day!

475 words used on ESOL, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and GRE tests!

Designed for easy learning for Home Schooling!


Additional 400 related words – nouns, verbs, and adjectives – with separate explanations or examples of using the words in sentences

Word origins — to make it easier to remember the words … and to build your vocabulary!

Many words are illustrated with caricatures!


“As a current high school English teacher and former TOEFL teacher in China, I would recommend ‘Professor Charles Says… Learn English!’ to students of any age and level seeking to improve their vocabulary…For an ESOL, TOEFL or foreign English learner, these [lessons] will be of even greater benefit….I will be using [this] book as a source and guide for my own teaching of vocabulary in the future.” — Sam McLeod, English teacher and author, Virginia

“This is an amazing book! It prepares students for ESOL/SAT, etc. I think anyone wanting to improve themselves would treasure this book! It is fun.” — Rose Payne, Retired teacher, Atlanta, Georgia


Simple pronunciation shows how to pronounce the words

Each word is used in several sentences – to show various ways words can be used.

Sentences have clear and detailed punctuation – to help you learn English phrases and clauses.

Many sentences contain historical information – to make learning even more rewarding for you!

Famous Quotations by authors, scientists, and actors for all 475 words— so you can see how famous people use the words you are learning!


Simple practice tests after every few words – to help you remember and use the words in a sentence.


Also – 100 common English phrases (Many illustrated with caricatures)


“My English Notes” in the back – blank pages to write down questions or words

Come in and see for yourself…

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