Fast paced action coupled with heart stopping mystery; PROJECT THERMOCEPTION brings the worrying limit of human understanding into terrifying reality.

Nicola Phillips is the long suffering presenter of the hit US television series ‘Cryptid Killers’. The Cryptid Killers have travelled the world debunking many myths and mysteries; from the prehistoric frozen depths of Lock Ness to the primeval woods of Oklahoma. No Cryptid was safe.

Nicola was grappling with thoughts of retiring the show when she is offered a way out. All she has to do is film one more episode.
The team travels in the hope of filming the infamous El Chupacabra. The story of The Goatsucker turns into a deadly web of lies and incompetence.

Is the unimaginable true, does El Chupacabra live? Are the local authorities covering up a covert project? These are the questions the Cryptid Killers have to answer before the sinister shadow concealed in the background strikes.
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