All he has to do is convince her—before the goddess strikes and takes them all.
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This is the 3rd book in the Talisman series. Hamish is at it again. He is up to his matchmaking tricks. We saw some of Shanley and Alaisdair's tail in the Warrior now we get the story from there point of view. Shanley Conlan gave up on finding her warrior years ago. Alaisdair Graham has never stopped looking for his other half.This couple is in there 40's but no less swoon-worthy. Scotland and all its beauty and history is the backdrop of this sweet love story that proves its never to late to find love. I have to say I love this cover. HOT,HOT,HOT!! This is fast becoming one of my favorite series. Thank you for another great escape. July cant get here fast enough.

-- Patricia A. White
Book Description:

Happily ever after is for other people.


Though she traveled extensively in warrior circles throughout the community, both at home in America and abroad in Scotland, Shanley Conlan never discovered her warrior. When the war goddesses killed her sister and brother-in-law, she assumed guardianship of her orphaned niece and walked away from her dreams of life with her fated warrior. In private, she grieved the man who no doubt lost his life when he didn’t find her, a victim of the goddess’s curse.


Resigned to her destiny…


Called back to Scotland to participate in the Samhain rituals sealing the Conlan heir to their ancestral home, Shanley is shocked to find the family harboring a rogue warrior. How else can a man nearing forty still be alive without being mated to his talisman? Worse, she can’t seem to help the lightning-fast attraction she feels for Alaisdair Graham.


Can detours lead to second chances?


Alaisdair is desperate. Gone into hiding thirteen years earlier when he didn’t find his talisman in time, he knows the reprieve from the goddess’s curse is short. If he doesn’t find his mate in the next two weeks, he won’t live long enough to celebrate another Samhain. Thinking he was spared to marry the much-younger Conlan heir, his hopes are dashed when her true warrior arrives. Yet into his life walks Shanley, and he thinks the cosmos have taken his side at last. All he has to do is convince her—before the goddess strikes and takes them all.

Tam DeRudder Jackson (Author)
After reading an article about risk-taking, Tam DeRudder Jackson left an award-winning career as a classroom teacher to pursue her lifelong dream of writing romance novels. It’s a risk that’s given her incredible joy. She is the author of Talisman and Warrior, the first two books of the Talisman series. When she’s not weaving stories, you can find her with her nose in a book at her favorite coffee shop or carving turns on her favorite local ski hill or hanging out with her husband at old car shows. The mom of two grown sons, Tam lives and writes in the mountains of northwest Wyoming where the views inspire her every day.
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