Puma’s Pride

by – K.L. Barstow (Author)

Demon Dawgs MC Las Vegas – Book One (Demon Dawgs Motorcycle Club – Las Vegas 1

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Book Description:

Get Dirty With The Dawgs! These aren’t your typical heroes. This MC Romance Series has hot alpha males with smart and sassy females. These men protect the innocent and aren’t afraid to inflict biker justice. These fast-paced novels have plenty of action inside and outside the bedroom. Get ready to be seduced by these seductive outlaws!


You know what you get when you play ball professionally? Everything. Money. Women. Fame. Know what you get after a stupid mistake destroys your career? For me, I became the President of the Demon Dawgs Las Vegas Chapter. Which means I now have even more money, more women and a whole lot of infamy. So what happens when the woman you want only sees you as a player? Well, you try to prove to her you’re not. Easier said than done when a woman from your past shows up with your child in tow. A child you knew nothing about.


Puma can have anyone he wants. For some reason, he seems to think he wants me. But I have too many reasons not to go there. Foremost is my little girl, Elina. She doesn’t need the heartbreak if, and when, he tires of monogamy. But the bigger reason is the man who killed my husband. Because I know he’ll kill Puma if given the chance, and that would destroy me.

Author’s Note: These books contain mature themes and possible triggers. Each book covers the developing relationship between its protagonists, each with a HEA. While each novel ends our focus on the protagonists, the novels are by no means the end of the story for the club. Each novel contains a lead-in for the next novel. Highly recommend reading the books in order.

Dante’s Demons
Chaos’s Crime
Scar’s Secret
Grimm’s Guilt
Reaper’s Rage
Puma’s Pride
Flame’s Fight
Chill’s Chance
Ghost’s Grief
Dice’s Destruction

Reviews for the Book

The tension and violence against certain members of the Club are coming to a final conclusion. As the Club celebrates, new threaths unfold and another child is kidnapped. - HappyLady

About the Author: K.L. Barstow

For as long as I can remember, reading has been my favorite hobby. I always carried a book with me wherever I went. As I went through school, I often dreamed of being an author, writing my own stories, and seeing my name on the spines of books I saw in the library and bookstores. But, I felt I lacked the experience of being a brilliant author, so I put my dream aside, went to college, and started a career. But I never forgot my dream. I’d wake up early and write, then write in the evenings and on the weekends. I finally wrote and published my first book in my favorite genre. While I got a few sales, the buyers were mostly family and friends, then silence. I struggled to write the second book, published it, and saw my dream die as book sales trickled in and dried up.

As my hopes of becoming a successful author crashed and burned, so did my career. The sale of our company lead to a round of layoffs. After twenty-some years as a software development manager, I was suddenly unemployed. I was lucky enough to have a nice severance package, but I knew I’d have a difficult time finding another job. I was looking at fifty and the thought of going to work at another stressful and unfulfilling job had me reluctant to search. So instead, I turned to email marketing and found a small amount of success, but I never forgot my dream.

Determined to achieve my goal of being a published author, I did some research. I knew romance was a popular genre. I’d never read romance novels, preferring mysteries, but I plunged in and read books from several sub-genres before discovering romantic suspense. Not only did the stories grab me and pull me into their world, but especially the books highlighting motorcycle clubs. The ideas started flowing. I had found my inspiration! Which was ironic because of my past.

In high school, someone I cared about slammed into a telephone pole while riding a motorcycle. He died on my birthday. From that point on, I hated motorcycles. I swore I would never date someone who rode one, or let my future kids ride them. I was very much anti-motorcycle, with no interest in ever changing my mind. But reading books set within MC clubs changed everything. Seeing these men living their lives by their rules captivated me. I found in them kindred spirits. Men and women wanting more out of life. Those who found freedom on a motorcycle and with the family they built. Their lifestyle piqued my interest and suddenly I had an entire club of members clamoring to be heard.

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