Purge on the Potomac by David Thomas Roberts

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Book Description:

David Thomas Roberts’ latest, action-filled political thriller, titled, “Purge on the Potomac,” finds iconic Texas Ranger, Pops Younger, at the crossroads of his legendary career faced with defying his oath of office to defend the Constitution against all enemies-foreign and domestic. A bloated federal government that has overreached its authority and encroached on Texans’ civil rights has ignited the passions and ire of an extreme element determined to alter the course of normal politics forever. Conflicted with his life-long dedication to the rule of law, Younger must choose between following the law or taking a stand against modern-day tyranny, leading to suspenseful cataclysmic events.
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“Whatever you may have been expecting, you will not see it coming”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Doc Greene Sr.

DTR does to me again, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning unable to put this book down. I think this one, if were possible even better than the first two. Plenty of twists and turns and blind siding along the way. You will recognize the characters from the story line as they work side by side to try to save Texas and possibly America. To call the vision DTR presents in this book “chilling” would be an understatement. This book will give you a good look at what would have been and possibly still could be our future. Lots of excitement, cloaks, and daggers and even a few Russians along the way. While it would be good to have read the previous two tomes, “Patriots of Treason” and “State of Treason” this story fills in enough of the blanks along the way too stand on its own. When the movie comes out and I hope that is soon, Texas Ranger Pops Younger must be played by Sam Elliott. Whatever you may have been expecting, you will not see it coming when you read “Purge On The Potomac”

About the Author

Webster’s Dictionary defines a Renaissance Man as: “a present-day man who has acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field.”

David Thomas Robert’s definitely fits the description of a modern-day Renaissance Man. Roberts is an entrepreneur, inventor and author. Roberts founded a telecom technology firm based on a software idea he created and was awarded a U.S. Patent for it. That firm is now a multi-million global consulting firm that created an entire industry. Roberts is still the CEO of the company.

Roberts’ first foray into the world of writing resulted in his inaugural political suspense thriller, “Patriots of Treason,” which was followed by “A State of Treason” which won several Best Fiction awards. Both books became Best Sellers and created a throng of dedicated readers who anxiously await the next chapter of protagonist and Texas Ranger icon, Pops Younger in his Patriots Series. The next book in his series releases in August 2018 and is titled, “Purge on the Potomac.”

Roberts’ experience with his inaugural book again fanned the flames of his entrepreneurial spirit as he launched Defiance Press & Publishing. Defiance Press has already become factor in bringing conservative and libertarian themed titles to the market.

At the encouragement of his four grown children, Roberts penned “Unemployable: How to be Successfully Unemployed Your Entire Life.” Although this book crossed into a completely different genre (Non-Fiction: Business), Roberts again experienced success as “Unemployable” was awarded Best Business Book of the Year – 2017 by the Texas Authors Association.

Roberts will again be delving into non-fiction in late 2018 in an expose on the IRS in “The Death of Liberty” in which he collaborates with Congressmen, Senators and several IRS whistle-blowers on the recent IRS scandals and how the 16th Amendment has encroached on American liberties.

Roberts plans for 2019 include “The Hero of Kaltenhaus” which is based on a true-story of Robert’s grandfather, World War II hero Sargent Thomas Nicholson, based in France and the liberation of Dachau concentration camp. Also, expect another book in 2018 in The Patriots series.

Roberts, who claims to be a “Naturalized” Texan lives in Montgomery, Texas with his wife of thirty-four years and along with his four children, now has four grandchildren and counting as of this writing.

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