Purging to Thrive

A benevolent, ever-present-Higher power is the premise and the origin of this book.
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As I read the pages of Purging to Thrive it's as if my lifes story unfolds from the pages! The insight and affirmations throughout this book are confirmation to so many areas in my life. I find myself nodding my head in agreement on every page at some point! Discovering the "who" I am and the "what" I want to become as my success continues is very vital to not only myself but my daughter! She will draw from me what I give her! Reading through the pages helps me and reminds me to do self examinations to assure I'm staying on the right track, not just for me but for my daughter as well. Each chapter is followed with some reflection questions that will definitely help the reader stop and think hard about life decisions. This is a wonderful book to read that will help the reader reconsider some life choices if used accordingly!

-- dibg10
Book Description:

A benevolent, ever-present-Higher power is the premise and the origin of this book. This omniscient, all-knowing power guides and directs all who seek and listen to Him. He will lead you to your best self, no matter your current situation. Until you connect your heart or inner spirit with your external actions, you may find you have little or no lasting control over your life. Purging to Thrive helps you reach for your best self with an emphasis on eradicating major enemies to success: fear, anger, anxiety, indecisiveness, and on and on. In the first stage of any self-improvement regimen, there must be an appreciation that lasting, positive change must be transformative and not necessarily remedial. There should be an understanding of why things are happening, looking objectively and subjectively at behaviors to identify fruitless habits that may hinder growth. Change of this magnitude must begin with an inside-out approach rather than outside-in. The theme throughout is to get beyond life’s extraneous noises, social media, and naysayers and peel back the many layers of selves that others labeled you—you need to discover who you are. This book is not just another self-help guide. It is a tool to assist you in unearthing and spotlighting several goals—busting distractions that may hinder sustained success.

Dossie M. H. Terrell (Author)
Dossie M. H. Terrell is a writer and a poet. She wrote “Purging to Thrive” because the Holy Spirit awakened her one morning a few years back and told her to write it. Her religious faith has been her underpinning or foundation for most of her journey through life. Therefore, when the Holy Spirit charged her to write “Purging to Thrive,” she never doubted she could write such a book under his guidance/tutelage. His instructions were simple: write about Christian principles. What emerged was also simple: “fear not.” In Purging to Thrive, the goal is to inculcate biblical principles throughout by coaching readers to step out of their place of stagnation, places where fear often lurks, and discover their true selves and find their place in life. She urges readers to create visions and plans for their lives. But before embarking on such a journey, they should determine what is going on inside themselves by getting in touch with the Holy Spirit for guidance.The aim is to connect their findings with their outside behaviors. She believes that the information gleaned and put to use through self-assessment and mindful living should help them lead more godly lives and have greater control over their thoughts and actions. Her writing and career accomplishments have been: Self-published a book of poetry, “Sincerely Yours.” Wrote a book in verse, “Educating Pam.” Wrote a winning story presented and narrated at the WildSound Festival: “Good Thing Come To Those Who Wait.” Wrote for a community-based newspaper with about 50,000 subscribers for over a year. It provided her a personal byline. She wrote about community events, which included the mayor’s state of the city address, devastation caused by the water shortage and the local police department’s open house. These were among many other interesting articles. One of service. Her careers over the years were all in social service. She either supervised at the Social Security Administration or provided, federal, policy oversight over Temporary Assistance Needy Families and Child Support Enforcement programs in several Region IX states’ and the Navajo Nation.
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