Although her origins lie in the village of Nocedo del Valle, in the region of Galicia, Blanca De La Rosa was born in Dominican Republic in the bosom of a humble family. Fate wanted her to be the living proof that we all can achieve our goals. From a childhood in the projects of New York, she ended up an executive at the American corporation ExxonMobil. It was when assessing her life that she decided to dig into her ancestors history and trace it back to her origins. Pursuing a Better Tomorrow is more than a novel gathering the history of three generations throughout over a hundred years, it s a wonderful journey from Spain to the United States of America showing the reader our recent history, the ideologies of each time, the harshness of immigration, the struggle for survival, the courage of its main characters and the tricks of destiny, but most of all the strength required to reach a better tomorrow. This great novel will inspire you and give you wings to fight for your goals. Are you ready to get them?

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