Quantum Roots

by – Kyle Keyes (Author)

The Vigilante Sightings

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Book Description:

Jesse Joe Jacks was born sometime during the snow blizzard of 1923. The Lower Elk County game warden died from a lightning strike on July 23, 1959. Olan Chapman came to life in August of1974 and found a computer career with a center city, electronics firm. Jacks loved nature and lived to protect wild life. Jesse Joe was also a crack shot with a firearm – any firearm. Olan Chapman attended the theater, played piano and once led a march against the National Rifle Association Jacks fought in the Korean War and never drank anything stronger than beer. Chapman battled a war from within, and never sipped anything lighter than rum and coke. Both men had the same fingerprints, much to the chagrin of Lt General Alexis Grumman, federal director for para normal activities. QUANTUM ROOTS is based on the belief that people form from recycled energy.

Reviews for the Book

By now, I am very familiar with the cast of Kyle Keyes’ novels that I have read and reviewed so far. This one is the first book of a trilogy that features the ever elusive Olan Chapman/Jesse Joe Jacks of Hobbs Creek who is something of a legend in these books because of his perfect shooting range and his habit of rescuing the downtrodden or those who are in the middle of a difficult situation with bad people. This book also features the professional/amorous partnership of Alexis Grumman and Jeremy Wade who are both of the fictitious Federal Intelligence Center of the government of the United States.
I liked the pace of this novel in that it kept my interest all through its entirety. I enjoyed the sense of humor of the characters in it whether one was dim-witted and other just being of “loser” status. There’s the part where Jeremy Wade’s pants fall down and revealing he is not wearing any underwear. That was so hilarious I laughed out loud. Then there are incidents where someone is too slow and has to be corrected by his or her friend. This was such a comedic rollercoaster ride I am telling you now that if you want to laugh it is the perfect book to read. The serious parts of the novel are when the vigilante is about to kill someone. His bullets never miss a person it really scares me just thinking about him. While reading this book, something dawned on me that I never thought of when I was reading other Quantum books of Keyes.’ And that is the title itself: “Quantum.” It made me remember the 80’s and 90’s TV show: Quantum Leap starring Scott Bakula. Come to think of it, Bakula’s character leaps from one period of time to another through a scientific force and Olan Chapman/Jesse Joe Jacks’ does leap through time in the other “Quantum” books. This book though tells of two characters from differing periods of time who are one in the same: Jacks being born in the roaring 20’s and Chapman in the disco 70’s.
Anyway, I recommend this book to all Sci-fi enthusiast readers out there. You will find that this book suits your taste because of the vigilante and his strange, unexplainable phenomenal self. This book I recommend also to those who love a fast-paced read with gunfights and macho elements. I finally recommend this book to those who love humor or are in need of a good laugh this upcoming winter season. If you’re feeling down and sad, this book will definitely in my opinion get you in the jolly spirit of the holidays. Not the violence but the dim-witted people in it! Laughing out loud. This book is infested with “slow” people it will surely entertain you. Okay, have a great weekend and happy Thanksgiving 2019! - ArtZFriend

About the Author: Kyle Keyes

The Quantum Roots Trilogy are three fiction books based on growing evidence, we form from recycled “quarks” that format with a “matching configuration,” triggered from this side of a two-dimensional “time wall.”

This new insight alters our standard evolution model and could lead to energy transporters that would replace rocket ships in our “race into space.”

While the books are merely Sci-Fi, they do negate a single “Big Bang,” and view our universe as an energy field that recycles star systems.

“We all have our own configuration,” states Dr. Norman Daly, “And that road map of quarks, springs eternal.