questThe spaceship, Questor, is caught in an unknown phenomenon that results in the vessel being transported far from home. Desperately low on supplies, the crew discovers a solar system with two inhabited worlds where they hope to find assistance. Captain Sullivan visits the first world, Midea, while sending a small expedition to the second planet, Rhiava. When Jon and Manny try to land on Rhiava, however, they discover a strange energy field encircling the planet, which causes their vessel to crash.
Rescued and befriended by Rhiava natives, Jon and Manny learn the truth about the oppression of the Mideans. The Rhiava aren’t the simple people they first appear, having strong mental skills they call Gifts. Helping the Rhiava leader, a young female called Triena, to reach safety, Jon and Manny travel across the planet’s surface. During the dangerous journey, Jon and Triena become close, and she’s devastated when he’s captured and tortured by Midean forces. But Jon refuses to disclose anything he’s learned, and though he’s finally rescued with help from Triena’s Gift, he has been hardened by the ordeal.
The Questor eventually arrives at Rhiava, its crew having learned the truth about the Mideans. Knowing that if they assist the Rhiava against the Mideans and succeed, they will receive all the supplies they need, Captain Sullivan decides to help. After Triena reveals some of her people’s secrets to the Questor crew, they plan an attack on the Midean base.
Now only one question remains—who will survive the battle?

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