Imagine receiving mysterious letters and cards with no return address, only colorful stamps from all around the world. These letters and cards tell little about the person who sends them, other than the fact that the sender, is the father you have never met. Quincy Lyles is a 15-year old teen who mastered yoga at a young age, gets straight A’s in school and never gets into trouble. That is, until she starts to search for her birth father. Struggling to understand her true identify and background, Quincy goes on an adventurous quest to find her father. The one friend Quincy can depend on, Delaney Rojas, helps her in her quest. Quincy begins to develop parts of herself she never knew existed within her new found “sleuthing” abilities. Quincy Rules is a young adult mystery with hints of humor and mysticism. Grades 6-9.
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About the Author

DuEwa Frazier is a poet, author, educator, performer and speaker. She is the author of: teen novels, Quincy Rules (2016) and Deanne in the Middle (2014), Goddess Under the Bridge: Poems (2013), Shedding Light From My Journeys (2002), Stardust Tracks on a Road (2005) and Ten Marbles and a Bag to Put Them In: Poems for Children (2010). DuEwa is the editor and publisher of the award nominated anthology, CHECK THE RHYME: AN ANTHOLOGY OF FEMALE POETS & EMCEES (2006). CHECK THE RHYME received nomination in Outstanding Literary Work – Poetry from the NAACP Image Awards in Hollywood, CA. CHECK THE RHYME also received an Honorable Mention for the 2010 Writer’s Digest Awards and the 2007 AALAS Open Book Awards.

DuEwa has produced and hosted numerous arts events in the New York City area and other locations. Her unique brand of arts events include Art. Love. Music., Word Canvas, Word Canvas Soul and Music, Word Canvas Garden of Poetics and The Haiku & Handgrenades Tribute for Sonia Sanchez at The 2010 Harlem Book Fair in Harlem. She produced the 2016 I: Rise: Women’s History Month Tribute to Women Poets at The Missouri History Museum.

DuEwa has a been a contributing writer for the following publications: Crossing the Divide Anthology, Eleven Eleven Literary Journal, Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire (NYU), Split this Rock, For Harriet, Tidal Basin Review, Signifyin’ Harlem, Essence Magazine, Reverie Journal, Kweli Literary Journal, Mahogany Butterfly, PW Review, EzineArticles, Drumvoices Revue, Mosaic Magazine, Poetry Ink Anthology, Poetry in Performance, and others.

As an author, poet and speaker DuEwa has featured at numerous arts venues, colleges, festivals, and conferences.

DuEwa earned the Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Creative Writing degree at The New School. She earned the Ed.M. In Educational Leadership at Columbia University, the M.Ed. in Curriculum & Teaching (Literacy) at Fordham University and the B.A. in English at Hampton University.


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