casdWith the supernatural and human world vying for war, Raizel is forced to leave his family, his peace, and home to answer the call of the Elder’s and leaders of the human race. Along the way, he kills the leader of the Elders, befriends a 10,000 year old incubus who wants him, and gets one of the most powerful wizards to help him. All the while, a werewolf forces himself into the group by sleeping with the incubus, forming an odd love triangle between Raizel, Michaeli, and Raido.

An M/M erotic romance, but yet again, the term “M/M” is a relative reference to demons, monsters, humans, and other beings in the series.

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“I love it”

Five Star Review on Amazon By lachlin

Fun nice book, well written, good story. Worth the read.

About the Author

I am a nerd when it comes to computers and programs. I know, not much of an ice-breaker, but there you have it. I have always had an eye for the arts, especially for painting and writing. Sadly, I stopped painting long ago, but recently I am trying my luck with writing.

Currently, I am going to school. I will graduate with my associate this semester, and will begin my bachelors next semester. Just FYI, I cried a little when I got to see how much I have to pay. Seriously… Anyway, stop by my twitter profile and say hello, or grab a copy of my first and second book. Which ever, you know…

Anyhow, it’s a pleasure to meet you, and hopefully you enjoy the worlds and the characters I so dearly feel, as if they are a part of me.

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