415HFh27I4L._SX338_BO1,204,203,200_At first it seemed harmless enough, then came the photographs…intimate details of her life laid out in glossy black and white. Next they came into her home, leaving a single black rose, each thorn painstakingly painted blood red.
The threat was clear. Victoria Carrillo had to find a place of safety from her unknown stalker.
Ransom Greathouse had found her place of sanctuary away from the world. After a harrowing experience during her last deployment, she was sent home, wounded and broken. The past wouldn’t let her go, but she was determined to find peace in her own way.
She never expected to be thrown back into her old job again. Protecting another human being was the last thing she needed, and she should have said no…but when Victoria Carrillo showed up at her doorstep, another past showed up with her. One she couldn’t turn away
Ransom will do whatever it takes to keep Victoria safe, even it kills her.
The sparks fly and so do the bullets in this psychological thriller.
In the end, the only option is failure or redemption.

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“Absolutely fantastic!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Loek

She experiences flashbacks of horrible events and is going through hell. She is living her daily trauma over and over, feeling suffocated and lonely. Can she get her sanity and her life back? Someone from her past walked back in her life. Someone she must protect. Danger is lurking in the shadow, watching her in a creepy way and intervening in her life. The unmasking was mind blowing, shocking and very surprising. I feel the adrenaline rush, my breath quickens and my heart races. I couldn’t put this book down. What a read! This book deals with the reality of a vet suffering from PTSD. It gives you insight to their struggle. It’s a vivid story about survival, pain, strength, hope and a passionate beautifully intense love story. It is a brilliant, captivating and emotional read. Rhavensfyre did an excellent job with describing the PTSD without going overboard. This book is definitely at the top of my reading list.

About the Author

Rhavensfyre is the pen name of east coast writer KL. She and her spouse live on a small farm with a small herd of horses, two dogs and several cats in tow. In their spare time, they try to keep an organic garden and enjoy the fact that their farm is also home to several owls, a pair of hawks, and one annoying woodpecker. In addition to the living creatures, KL enjoys cycling and anything that takes her out into nature. In her spare time she researches the best ways to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse!

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