Raven’s Hollow: Wolf Moon

Popular mystery writer Bill Craig shifts gears, delivering the first of a new horror trilogy.
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The Author has switched to his first horror novel in a genre jump from mysteries. Ravens Hollow Virginia seems like a nice place to retreat to after writer Dan Croft's wife in mugged in New York City. But looks can be deceiving as the full moon rises and deadly creatures stalk the night

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Book Description:

Popular mystery writer Bill Craig shifts gears, delivering the first of a new horror trilogy. Here, we meet writer Dan Croft and his wife Julie, who decide to leave New York City after Julie gets attacked by a mugger. They settle in Ravens Hollow, a sleepy little town in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia. But something evil is awakening. Old Hattie Franklin could sense death on the wind. Sheriff Jake Calloway was determined not to give in to the whispers of ghosts and hidden dangers that infested the town. But all that changed when Stephan Stern, scion of the town founders, returns to the spooky old ancestral mansion on the edge of Ravens Hallow.

Bill Craig (Author)
I taught myself to read by age 4 and by age 6 I had started writing my own stories. I published my first novel at age 40, so it only took me 34 years to become an overnight success. Now at age 58, I have approximately 103novels in print. I’m a single father with custody of a very energetic 12- year-old son as well as his three older brothers and sisters. I have a large number of grandchildren and 1 great grand child. I spent many years doing all sorts of jobs and learned something from each of them. Life is a constant journey and learning experience. Every bruise every scar we bear is a testament to what we have endured and forges us into the person that we are. All of my characters tend to grow through what they endure, so I have translated some of my experiences into theirs or to imagine theirs. I feel this makes them very relatable to the average reader and makes the reader care about what happens to them. While my mysteries seem to sell the best I still enjoy writing pulp adventure and science fiction and westerns. Look for a new mystery series later this year!
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