REALITY: A Journey Through Time by Mary Saurer-Smith

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Is there one simple Reality that can answer the questions of life for all inquirers, or is there a different Reality for everyone? The path to spiritual enlightenment is for questioners. It is for those seeking happiness that will never fade and a deeper understanding of their true purpose.

Over a period of decades, the author has experienced numerous revelations about the Creator and the divine plan. She shares her knowledge in Reality: A Journey through Time. This knowledge spans the breadth of time and space, from the origins of our universe to the final and ultimate reality. Her unique explanation of destiny explains our past, present, and future and shows how every one of us can undertake our own quest toward higher consciousness.

The final section is a thorough guide on how to reach self-actualization and more. The prize of nirvana and beyond is attainable for anyone willing to practice and apply this spiritual knowledge.

The ultimate truth is mesmerizing in its limitlessness. Discovering it for oneself is an all-encompassing adventure of the highest order.
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About the Author

At age 3 Mary’s vision of a Light Being awakened her to a spiritual reality that led to a lifetime of meditation and intense spiritual exploration. Her perception of Reality was again changed after 2 Near Death Experiences and she went into a life of spiritual service. Twenty five years of self-directed study and personal involvement in various religions of the world led to the writing of her first book, “A Comparison of World Religions”. In 1990 she founded the Keys to Enlightenment Program to share her revelations and insights and to teach others how to discover and explore the Divinity within themselves. Mary worked as a supervisor in the Silent Unity worldwide prayer ministry, and as a licensed Unity Teacher for many years. She is a twelfth degree Rosicrucian and in 2001 she retired from Hospice social services to dedicate more of her time to writing and teaching. Mary’s autobiography, “Windows of Life and Death”, is the most well-read and acclaimed of her published books. Study guides for her ministry include “Developing a Prayer Consciousness”, “The Master Teacher Within”, “A New You, A New Life”, and “Transformation of Consciousness”. Her latest book, “Reincarnations of Marisa” is a precedent to her autobiography.

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