REBEL : Are You Brave Enough To Join? by Joseph Iaquinta

Nickolas Leader is born into a wealthy family in Michigan. While his father’s side is from privilege, his mother’s comes from the rough side of the tracks. Nickolas spends a lot of time with his cousin—his mother’s nephew—and the two boys become close. When his uncle falls victim to an economic plight young Nickolas begins to see the predicament of a fleeting middle-class.

After Nickolas graduates from college, he feels more and more compelled to save the world from its lack of empathy. By now, he has learned much about the undeniable injustices affecting his mother’s family, while his father’s family continues to enjoy the spoils of wealth. He puts himself in a position of great power and influence, even developing a friendship with Giovanni Grimaldi— a powerful figure in military and political circles.

With Grimaldi’s help, Nickolas creates a persona for himself as a superhero named Rebel. Rebel will fight for future technologies and resurrect the American Dream while battling corruption. To succeed, Nickolas requires a small team of close confidants who will help him lead a revolution and combat the injustices of the world. Are you ready to fight back?
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About the Author

Joseph Iaquinta is passionate about the issues that affect our climate and the death of middle class America. He believes fiction can inspire all ages to get involved, especially youth. Today, people must once again band together and fight for the planet and their share of the pie.

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