41+IOthTVuL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Inexplicable logic is normal fare in addict land. Friends and family are baffled by the behaviors, antics, and thinking of the addicted one. Their patience, tolerance, and love are depleted quickly. Eventually their empathy and compassion exhausted, they say the inevitable, “He will just have to hit bottom,” as they shake their heads and walk away.

The tool of self-destruction so effectively wielded by the addict is his own mind. The addict takes a perfectly good brain and, by relying on thinking errors, rationalization, justification, and every form of denial known to man, creates an addict where a person used to be.

“Reclaiming Your Addicted Brain” reviews the return journey from addict land, the learning of how to leave our thinking errors behind. Written around the recovery story of one man from alcohol and sex addiction, clinical notes and comments appear throughout the story helping the reader to understand this baffling disease. Addicts report being able to see their own behaviors that were previously hidden from them, when they are manifest in someone else. Reading George’s (the book’s addicted character) story and mis-adventures creates ‘aha’ moments of understanding that can open the doors to recovery.

This is definitely a “How To” book. George presents his “legs of a stool” analogy that eloquently describe the needed steps to recovery. The clinician’s voice adds step by step directions on how to gain the key ‘Skills of Recovery.”

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“An author’s note”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Roger W Stark

It has been a privilege and quite an adventure to produce this book in conjunction with my friend Irwin. It all started as a light-hearted comment in passing, that grew to have a life of its’ own.

It was pretty amazing to see how inspiration influenced my writing partner as he worked through his recovery story. We would talk via Skype about an idea and a wonderfully written piece would appear shortly in my inbox. He often mentioned that the creative juices just flowed!

I sometimes struggled with this work, health and life issues got the better of me at times, but the importance of the message often empowered me and saved me from myself. It just felt like we both benefited from a lot of “help”.

I know this is not the end all of all end alls for recovery books, but I also know that there are many folks out there in the struggle that these words were written exactly for. It may only be a paragraph or a chapter, perhaps one of Irwin’s stories or a suggested “How to”, but embedded in this book are answers written with you in mind. Answers and words that sometimes came from outside ourselves. It is my earnest hope that you find them.

Blessings, one day at a time,

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