Recovery: Uncovering God’s Strength from Within by Elias Johnny

KNOWING THE TRINITY AND HIS STRENGTH WITHIN US… The measure of the anointed strength of God within us surpasses by far the challenges one may encounter in this life. Though aware of this powerful guardian angel that is within our grasp, people intentionally or unintentionally choose to bar him from exercising his duties to maintain stability in their lives. This strength does not lie dormant though, it is always alert and ready to act in accordance with the need created by a situation, an event, incident or even an accident……but if its counsel is not heeded, it become the worst foe against the one it is meant to protect. The power to choose has its measure; choosing beyond the boundaries of that measure will prove futile and lethal but conforming to the standards allowed will nourish one with abundant life! Natural faculties that keep man sane like “thoughts of the mind”, “inclination of the thoughts of the heart”, emotion and faith, unashamedly depend on how one wields this power to choose. Recovery: Uncovering God’s Strength from Within; through Holy Scriptures, the secret of harvesting generously from this strength is revealed! Knowing the complete facets of Trinity God who ordained this Strength as a guardian angel and how He inextricably fashioned this Strength to be guided by the interaction of all natural faculties is a recipe of Abundant Life!
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