Recusant: book two of The Brin Archives by Jim Cronin

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In this sequel to Hegira, the Brin are thriving on their new world, but will greed, prejudices, and old rivalries tear apart their grand civilization? Maliche Rocker, descendant of The Saviors, uncovers a terrible secret and must fight those in power, including members of his own family, to save thousands of innocents from the cruelty of his own people.
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“A must for lovers of fantasy with strong sci-fi”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Christine Thomson

An engrossing story set in a well-developed world. The Brin and the Kolandi both felt very real for me. Both species’ complex struggles for survival and power – separately and intertwined – were thoughtfully crafted and deftly written. I am a true fantasy/sci-fi lover and I have a deep soft spot for richly imagined fantastic stories with a generous undercurrent of science. I enjoyed the story immensely and recommend to all other fantasy/sci-fi fans.

About the Author

Jim Cronin is a retired middle school science teacher, currently working part-time as an educator/performer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, raised in Arlington, Virginia and Denver, Colorado, he became an avid science nerd at the height of the space race of the 1960’s. After thirty-five years teaching science in the middle school classroom, he decided to retire and explore new worlds of opportunities, including volunteering, bicycling, and writing. It is the writing experimentation which resulted in this novel.
Today, Jim Is an Educator Performer, or Edutainer if you prefer, at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The museum makes science fun and entertaining with an entire crew of performer/educators. Two years ago I was lucky enough for the museum to hire me, and pay me to come and play with kids and science.He lives in Colorado with his beautiful wife of thirty seven years. Together, they look forward to completely spoiling their new granddaughter.

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