513WjiErzEL._SX318_BO1,204,203,200_Two kingdoms, devastated by generations of conflict. One powerful artifact, capable of bringing peace to the land—once and for all.

It’s been twenty years since Delminor attempted to unite the shattered shards of the Red Jade, and twenty years since the mage’s quest was cut tragically short. Now Delminor’s son, Dariak, is determined to pick up where his father left off, locating the remaining pieces and bringing an end to all wars.

But in the mage-intolerant kingdom of Kallisor, it isn’t long before he runs into trouble. When a farmer named Gabrion, grief-stricken by the kidnapping of his girlfriend, brings a captured Dariak before the Kallisorian king, both men wind up sent to the dungeons—until a thief named Kitalla, endowed with a unique magical power, secures their escape.

Now the three strangers, hailing from warring kingdoms, find themselves working together to locate the pieces of the Red Jade. But it proves to be a journey fraught with dangers, as the trio battles feral creatures and other mysterious forces along the way.


Red Jade: Book I combines action and adventure with a magical world of high fantasy in the captivating first installment of a four-book series.

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“Excellent Read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Amazon Customer

I loved Journey’s In Kallisor! I especially enjoyed how the magic used in the story didn’t just happen but was developed through the elements. This gave the story so much more substance and credibility. The author succeeded in creating diverse characters that are easy to root for. I highly recommend this book.

About the Author

tephen J. Wolf is a middle school science teacher with a PhD in science education and a penchant for fantasy books, movies, and video games. Growing up, he loved learning how things worked. When he saw Mr. Wizard’s World for the first time, he knew then that science was his place to be. From learning about how fireworks light up with different colors to understanding the mechanics of an acid-base reaction, chemistry and physics became his passion.

Stephen started writing in eighth grade when his English teacher challenged the class to craft three different scenes. One scene focused on a person. A second highlighted a location. And the third detailed an object. In the moment of the quick-fire writing prompts, Wolf linked all three tasks together and created his first short story. The following year he created his first novel, then expanded it to a trilogy, growing as a writer along the way.

With some short stories used in his classes, Wolf communicates a love of reading to his students through creative connections between science and magic. His short story, “A Shocking Journey,” teaches the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism, as experienced by a middle school class, through a series of “magical” experiences that allow the students to visualize the concepts. In time, Wolf hopes to develop a series of such stories for teachers to use.

Stephen lives in New York with his partner, Kevin, and their two cats, Merlin and Monty.

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