Redmond Rogers and the Riches of Life by Jenni Keller

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Book Description:

Redmond, or Red as he was known to his friends, moved from Cookeville with his mother to Kendall Springs. Red developed a friendship with four other students from the local school and one person whom Red grew close to in particular, Simon. After school one afternoon, Simon and Red discovered a map behind a print in Red’s room. Believing this could lead to some treasure, Red and Simon told the others. They all met after school in a cave at the beach, which led them through a series of obstacles. After falling through a floor, they landed on a mysterious island. An island where time stood still. Landing in different areas of the island they slowly found each other and once they were all back together, they discovered they had all collected a different-coloured crystal. These crystals each represented a different element. They also found they could teleport using the crystals together. Red and his friends teleported to another part of the world, but when they drank water from a water fountain, they were unable to teleport back. The water had affected the power of the crystals. Upon meeting a wise old man, he explained the power of the elements and told them they would need to travel back to the island, but without the power to teleport. Red and his friends must weave their way through different worlds and challenges to return to the island and restore the power of the crystals to be able to return home.

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About the Author

Growing up in the southeast suburbs of Melbourne and attending two different primary and secondary schools, I was the oldest and had one younger brother and two working parents. Times were not easy at times, but we always managed and I had many friends, although one in particular who I shared my time with. My passion of sport as a child was gymnastics and hockey. I spent every night after school practicing gymnastics in our front yard as my parents could not afford for me to attend classes. I spent my first few years working in the insurance industry before landing in the electricity industry, where I met the father of my two children. After divorcing and becoming a single parent and raising two young boys, it was the passion my older son showed in reading adventure books that lead me to write my first book filled with magic and adventure and some suspense. I have found writing this book very rewarding and watching the reaction of my son as I tell him different parts of the story and yes he has also had some input. Now he will read the finished book and not just hear me talk about different ways of directing the book. This is for you, Corey and Jamie, and may you enjoy this adventure as much as I have creating it.

Redmond Rogers and the Riches of Life by Jenni Keller Share
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