reflecIt’s 1974 in Framingham, Massachusetts, and Shane Sullivan is a lanky eighth grader prone to daydreaming. One morning, while out on his paper route, he snaps out of his latest fantasy to see an aura of light explode around one of his customers. The balding man’s appearance suddenly morphs into someone much older as a mysterious voice imparts words of wisdom. Confused, Shane hurries back home to his life of absentee parents, a lack of privacy from his two sisters, and failing comparisons to his star athlete brother.

But with the help of his friends, Shane further investigates this weird occurrence…and comes to the shocking discovery that he can delve into the ancestral memories of a person’s lineage. As he seeks guidance from a local priest who has secrets of his own to protect, Shane’s pursuit of this new gift brings him face-to-face with harrowing new realities—including the sordid histories behind the Salem witch trials, the Boston Tea Party, and even his own ancestry.

A remarkable journey set in the uninhibited 1970s, Reflections is a paranormal thriller rich in historical fact and scientific theory that captures a young teen’s life in haunting detail as he struggles to find his place in the world.

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About the Author

A lifetime writing enthusiast, as well as a dedicated superhero fiction and science fiction fan, Clifton Kenny was published in The Guilded Pen, an anthology of short stories, in 2015. Kenny is a retired high school teacher with graduate degrees in education, biochemistry, music, and Spanish.

Reflections is his full-length novel debut, earning a recommendation from the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild. He was also recognized in June of 2015 on Tondo in their list of Next Big Authors.

Clifton Kenny currently resides in Burlington, Vermont, and is a former resident of Old Connecticut Path in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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