51iyQfyc6XL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I grew up in Los Angeles during the years of the mid-1950s through the 1970s, and what times they were. In 2011, I started a blog – The L.A. Baby Boomers Rewind Den – to recapture some of those memories.

In my day: At my local theater, it only cost a kid 25 cents to get in. Candy bars cost 5, 10, and 15 cents. A 2 cent price increase sent me into a rage. When we kids went outside to play, our parents usually had no idea where we were. In 1960, my parents considered buying a nice 3br house for.….$13,000. I grew up in a ‘no cussing’ zone. Walking ‘cool’ was not an easy thing to do. There was a ‘golden age’ in south-central L.A. On Saturday mornings, the 1st cartoons came on TV at 6:30am. In the late 1950s, only one TV network was broadcasting in color. Etc. Etc……

There are so many memories, and everything was not all peaches & cream. When the Sylmar earthquake hit L.A. in 1971…I immediately thought it signaled the end of the world. And what closely followed that event on the Fear scale, was the sheer terror that I always felt at just the prospect of having to give an oral report in front of the class.

I’ve gone as far as I can with the blog, and before closing its doors, I’ve published 213 posts in: Reflections From The L.A. Baby Boomers Rewind Den. These posts are divided into 6 sections – Lifestyle, School Days, TV & Radio, Movies, Music, and Sports. I hope that the recollections of – and reflections on – the things that are to be found within, will bring a smile, or two, to someone else’s face.

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“Baby Boomer here…I am a Witness!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By cynthia d taylor

This book took me back…way back! I enjoyed reliving all the things we grew up with. It is a keeper. I can show it to my kids and my grandchildren to give them an idea of actually getting up from the sofa to turn the TV off and on. Lol. a concept they know nothing about. Good job R W Ball!

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I like ‘old-school’ music…a Slow Jammer in a Slow Jam-less world? Author of: Reflections From The L.A. Baby Boomers Rewind Den.

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