51yEgbyybeL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Young Dyllon has been living a full and fascinating existence, surrounded by caring friends and family. But everything changes the day he is desperately moved to open an old traveling trunk. Are the things that have been released from the chest really the seven deadly sins or just an extension of Dyllon wanting something more? Join Dyllon on his quest to understand life, love and the demons that persistently haunt him in this part autobiographical but always entertaining tale.

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Amazing Novel!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Kaye

I absolutely loved it! The reader truly gets a glimpse into the life, thoughts, and personal feelings of Lloyd Green. I’m sure many can relate to some of his experiences and I love the fact that it is such an easy read from front to back. I strongly encourage everyone to check out the book!

About the Author

I spent my first few decades growing up in New York City. I’ve enjoyed other parts of the country but I guess that for me, the old saying,”There’s no place like home” will always be true.
I’m an artist by nature, which led me to my love of videotaping and taking pictures. I believe that each new reflected memory is really where the imagination is born.

All this and a bit more brought me to write my books and various short stories. After much hard work, one of my short stories, Halloween – 1979, has recently been published. My stories explore the poignant memories of my early years and the familiar hauntings of the dark side of fiction. Whether re-living and re-imagining loves I have known or moving through the uncertain boundaries of the abyss, one thing is certain and always expressed in my writing. The memory may be fickle, but the imagination is never short on words.

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