Reichold Street (The Reichold Street Trilogy) by R.L. Herron

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Book Description:

Albert Parker is the new kid in the neighborhood. He brings with him the emotional scars of early parental loss and all the aggressive attitude a dysfunctional and abusive step-father can create. His struggle to fit in, and the stories of the people around him as he tries, create a powerful, historically accurate tale about friendship, love and loss.

Set in a working-class American neighborhood in the turbulent 1960s era, REICHOLD STREET deals with some tough issues: alcoholism, bullying, family dysfunction, criminal activity, suicide, murder and the horrors of wartime Vietnam. Masterfully written in the manner of J.D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye), William Golding (Lord of the Flies) and Stephen King (The Body), the 2012 Readers Favorite Gold Medal Winner REICHOLD STREET, by R.L. Herron, takes you all the way from first introductions to the searing tragedy, yet remarkable redemption of war.
The neighborhood where young boys routinely play baseball in the street comes to life in an intriguing coming-of-age story, and becomes a place where they discover the sometimes violent realities of life. It’s a tale Kirkus Reviews called “Skillfully written and emotionally charged.”

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“A thoughtful and thought provoking novel.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Weekend Reader

One of the reasons that I enjoyed `Reichold Street’ was its unpredictability. I wasn’t able to ‘get ahead’ of the writer and anticipate events, so it played out like reality, complete with all life’s bumps and bruises. There was no fairy tale or `cookie cutter’ ending. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I grew up in a very similar town and approximate time frame as the main character. Seeing some of the same events through a different pair of eyes was an interesting choice of narrative. I think the writing was skillful and absorbing, not overly sentimental, but with just the right touch of nostalgia. The conversational exchanges were both realistic and entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed `Reichold Street’ and would recommend it highly.

About the Author

R.L. Herron’s earliest known ancestor emigrated from what is now Northern Ireland in 1635, landing in the (then) colony of Virginia. 313 years later, Ron was born in central Tennessee. His parents brought him north as an infant and he grew up in Michigan.

He once worked for some of the world’s largest advertising agencies and enjoyed a career in marketing with an international Fortune 10 company. A member of The National Writers Association, Michigan Writers, the Alliance of Independent Authors (UK), and The American Academy of Poets, he has written multiple works of fiction, including…

~ REICHOLD STREET, Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal, favorably reviewed by Kirkus Review.
~ ONE WAY STREET, Readers’ Favorite 5-Stars!
~ STREET LIGHT, Readers’ Favorite 5-Stars! Also a Shelf Unbound “Notable Book of 2015.”
~ ZEBULON, Readers Favorite Silver Medal Winner (Young Adult Fantasy).
~ TINKER, Readers’ Favorite 4-Stars! “Beautifully written…”
~ BLOOD LAKE, Top Book Reviewers calls it: “…ominous thriller…an outstanding read…”

All of Ron’s books are available in print or digital form on Amazon. Buy one now to start the adventure!

You’re invited to visit his web site, BROKEN GLASS:; or his blog: PAINTING WITH LIGHT:

Although he probably doesn’t use them the way he should, you can also visit his BOOK OF FACE page at:; or you can follow his shorter musings on THE TWITTER @ronherron. He also has a page on PINTEREST:

Although he admits hating winter there, Ron still lives and writes in Michigan with his lovely wife, an ugly mortgage and one exceedingly large cat.

Reichold Street (The Reichold Street Trilogy) by R.L. Herron Share
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