Heaven knew she was in trouble and tried to help. But Camillia, a professional debt counselor, who lives in a world of numbers, and debt- ridden, emotionally distraught clients, was seeking a better job. Now haunted by nightmares of her early childhood abuse from mind controlling Mom, she is caught in her past. The only way out is to make allies with her scared, younger self and the Spirit she abandoned to take back her power from Mom. Psychological metaphysical thriller Spiritual Adventure Fiction.
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About the Author

Amber Deann is a screenwriter, book author, and short filmmaker. She grew up in Nebraska, moved to California in 1990. Her short psyfi script, Love of Sylvan, and her film team won first place in San Jose Digital Filmmaker 3 day film competition in 2016.
The inspiration for her book appeared while she was in Hypnotherapy school. She is now producing the feature film trailer for her book.
She has written on health, peace topics. She loves comedy, psyfi, and spirituality.

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