Carmen has gotten her wish. Renee is no longer queen. Being stripped of her title and the power that comes with it, Renee must start from scratch and rebuild what she once controlled. Having turned their backs on one another, Renee’s once strong circle is now dismantled and each individual is after what ripped them apart,Carmen. Carmen’s making it hard for them to capture her and doing whatever she must to survive. Renee wants revenge along with everyone else, but will she achieve it? Or will she die in battle without the help of Julian and Dane?
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Gina Harris

This book was absolutely riveting. Renee is diabolical, no nonsense, demands attention, ruthless and a stone cold killer. Carmen tried to be her to no avail. Please read this because it will not disappoint!!!

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Born and raised in New York City Brandie Davis graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English from York College and is the founder of My Urban Books blog and Facebook book club. From home she continues to pen drama filled novels while developing her blog, geared towards shining light on readers and authors.

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