Renee is queen of the city and runs it with an iron fist, but everything changes when people from her past resurface to seek revenge. They will stop at nothing until she’s dead. Will Renee find happiness and let go of her demons? Or will she allow her past to finish what it started?

Molested by her stepfather and verbally abused by her mother, Renee channeled her pain into passion and became the most ruthless queen-pin New York has ever seen. Haunted by her past and unable to let go of what was, she struggles to achieve inner peace while inflicting mayhem on the streets of New York.
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“Queen of Ice…Will her heart eventually melt?”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Phoenix C. Brown

Renee is a beautiful woman who’s looks will make any man want to be with her but her heart…that’s another story. Her heart has grown cold due to the traumatic events in her life and nobody can make her icebox of a heart melt. Without giving too much of the story away… This book left me full of emotions. I think we can all relate to going through things and holding on to them. Often times we don’t realize that it’s more damaging to us than to those who hurt us. This story had it all…suspense, drama, heartfelt moments and moments that literally made me drop my kindle. Excellent read by Ms. Brandie Davis. I look forward to Part 2 and no this wasn’t a cliff hanger book at all. Everything got tied up in a bow which I loved because I hate books that just drop me off in the middle of nowhere. Brandie took me on the highest highs and dropped me to the lowest of lows but picked me up and left me right where I needed to be! Great Read!

About the Author

Born and raised in New York City where she lives with her husband, Brandie Davis-White graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English from York College and is the founder of My Urban Books blog and Facebook book club. From home she continues to pen drama filled novels.

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