Molested by her step-father and verbally abused by her mother, Renee channeled her pain into passion and became the most ruthless queen-pin New York has ever seen. Haunted by her past and unable to let go of what was, she struggles to achieve inner peace while wreaking mayhem on the streets of New York. Renee is queen of the city and runs it with an iron fist, but everything changes when people from her past resurface to seek revenge. They will stop at nothing until she’s dead. Will Renee find happiness and let go of her demons? Or will she allow her past to finish what it started?
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Feminism shows again! Awesome work!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Keandra Fitz Life is full of roses

I thought this was a good book and can’t wait to read more from her! Renee really showed feminism as well, being raped by her step dad from being nothing but the queen and not backing down! This book to me shows power and feminism in so many ways! Not giving up and never letting anyone take your pride away from you! Brandie Davis did a good job in this book!

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I am a author, blogger and CEO of My Urban Books Blog and Facebook book club, My debut novel is titled Renee:All Hail The Queen.

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