Requiem for Miriam

by – Len Handeland (Author)

A Murder, Crime, Paranormal Drama

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Book Description:

Sidney and Miriam seem to be the perfect, successful New York couple, but their marriage is a tragic sham. When Sidney’s glamorous mistress, Tori, urges him to get rid of his troublesome wife, a murderous series of events ensues. Sidney kills Miriam in a fit of rage, and with her last breath, she curses him. Tori dies horribly at the hands of a vengeful ghost and Sidney goes on the run.
Maria, an ambitious young detective with a hidden psychic gift, is on the case. With the help of her Haitian lover, Raphaella, a striking, rum-drinking voodoo expert, she tracks Sidney down and goes undercover to entrap him. But Maria soon finds herself in mortal danger from the man she is hunting.
Will Maria and Raphaella get their man? And will Miriam find the justice – and revenge – she seeks from beyond the grave?

Reviews for the Book

Lovers of fast-paced, action-filled murder novels will enjoy reading “Requiem for Miriam.” The characters are well-drawn, the tension is palpable, and the descriptions are detailed and realistic. I specifically appreciated Detective Maria Gonzales, unabated in her quest to catch famous Dr. Sidney Friedlander, who is on the run from his privileged Manhattan apartment after strangling with his bare hands his wife of many years. The detective follows the doctor all the way to beautiful Cancun, in Mexico, while the villain changes his appearance and experiences multiple paranormal encounters with his dead victim, reminiscent of Raskolnikov in Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment.  - Alex Duvan

About the Author: Len Handeland

Len Handeland has always enjoyed writing and been drawn to being creative, as far back as he can remember. Back in in middle school when he and his fellow classmates were assigned a book report, and the others groaned, Len cheered. Not only being assigned an exciting novel to read, but also to compose the essay assignment as well. Everything had to be perfect, the spelling, grammar and accuracy in regards to the subject matter. Later on in his adult life, Len attended FIT in Manhattan studying fashion illustration, he later decided to pursue a career in the hair industry using his artistic training and creativity to excel in hair. He decided to pursue writing after reading many of Anne Rice’s work (having read all of her Vampire chronicle books) and after attending the San Francisco International writers conference, decided it was time for him to write a Vampire story in his own words, given Len’s affinity for horror and this particular genre. A different story, where love is love, regardless of whether it is two men, two vampires or a vampire and a human being.

When Len isn’t writing he is making the locks of others look their very best. Len spends time reading, and enjoys vegetarian cooking. Some of his other hobbies include, hiking, biking, and billiards. He enjoys the performing arts, and is a trained Martial Artist for over 25 years. Len lives in Palm Springs with his husband, Byron and their two tuxedo cats (siblings, brother and sister)

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