Requiem of a Nightmare by Jeremy Spires

The human civil war has ended.

Vandorian and Phelb have united under one flag once more, and peace now rules the human empire.

But ancient enemies still exist in the galaxy, and they are unhappy about the new peace.

Buoyed by victories against the Gilbaglians, humans boldly assault their new foes while seeking out more knowledge about the mysterious Cetoplin race that appears to have inadvertently created humanity.

But darkness is spreading, even as the light of human compassion spreads, the darkness of wars past threatens to engulf the galaxy once more.
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“Page Turner!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By A. E.

I loved the first book and got my hands on this launch day! I could not put it down! The story has progressed beautifully, the action scenes are amazing, it was a page Turner I couldn’t put down!!!

About the Author

Jeremy is a former US Army Soldier and semi truck driver. He lives in southeastern Washington state with five children and his wife.

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