Just as one associates a rerun with a television episode that is repeated for our viewing pleasure, D. Marie Fitzgerald has selected episodes drawn from her life, transforming and adapting those episodes into short story, memoir, and poetry. In this collection she replays relationships with family, lovers, and herself. Reruns gathers together poetry and prose that is confessional, sometimes cryptic, and promisingly provocative.
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“Reruns- A collection”

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A very unique dramatization of the authors life in episodes. She brings a blend of poetry and events of her personal life together in a mysterious and provocative way. Different but quite entertaining.

About the Author

D. Marie Fitzgerald was born in 1951 and raised in Southern California. She received her BA in humanities at George Williams College. She enjoys writing poetry, memoir and short stories. She taught English and creative writing at the high school level and retired from teaching in 2010. Reruns is her second book, her first being Is Honesty a Joke? published in 1978. She currently lives in Palm Springs, California.

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