cdacdAllyse De Leon is a high powered executive at the top of her game, until one day, her hectic life catches up with her. She grudgingly agrees to get some medically ordered rest and relaxation. Leaving behind the comfort of glass, steel and concrete, she finds herself in the middle of nowhere, thrown together with a most unusual hostess—a woman who has her own way of doing things and has no respect for Allyse’s position.
Dani Saxon is used to being alone. Life’s lessons has taught her that it’s less complicated and a lot less painful that way. She loves her horses and her farm and making her own schedule. She doesn’t like getting up early and she sure doesn’t worry about deadlines or dealing with people unless she wants to.
When Allyse meets Dani, she’s intrigued with the quirky cowgirl. An attraction that flip-flops between frustration and desire. The woman is emotionally hard to peg and even more difficult to deal with at times. Dani isn’t the type of woman you can easily put in a box and label no matter how hard you try. She doesn’t understand why this woman is so important to her, but she’s willing to see where it all might go. There’s one problem. She only has thirty days. After that, Allyse has to go back to New York.
Will that be enough time to determine if Dani is “the one” or will Allyse leave her behind and go on with her life?
A lesbian romance you won’t soon forget and will want to read over and over again.

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“A five star story that is one of a kind!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Tammy Linkous

This is an amazing story written in a tender, boldly honest, often times humorous, visually stunning style! Rhavensfyre delivers a different story about two tenaciously determined women who overcome obstacles and prevail.

Personally I’m thrilled with reading this book, because frankly it was refreshingly therapeutic for me to see a character like Dani Saxon who struggles to socialize with, relate to, and understand people. Although Dani’s thought process is different from others, she is extremely intelligent, artisanally gifted and is completely in tune with the life she leads on her land with her horses.

When Allyse De Leon enters Dani’s life, it is hard for Dani to relate to Allyse, but through Dani’s unique blend of intelligence and humor she quickly grabs Allyse De Leon’s attention and eventually her understanding followed by her heart.

The authors are to be commended for apparently working hard to in fact bring the reader a distinctive story set apart from others, a story of two successful, independent women with very different lives, who are opposite in mind and nature, who are each quietly struggling alone with the wounds of life’s many losses and sudden changes…that is, until they meet one another and realize what they need to help heal is a life together.

About the Author

Rhavensfyre is the pen name of east coast writer KL. She and her spouse live on a small farm with a small herd of horses, two dogs and several cats in tow. In their spare time, they try to keep an organic garden and enjoy the fact that their farm is also home to several owls, a pair of hawks, and one annoying woodpecker. In addition to the living creatures, KL enjoys cycling and anything that takes her out into nature. In her spare time she researches the best ways to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse!

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