The gifts we inherited from our Founding Fathers are The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights: guidelines for peacefully living together. They designed the democratic principles, inspired by the experiences of ancient Athens and Rome, based on values and needs, to guide our leaders in good times and bad. These gifts are the foundation of our country.
Today our Democracy is eroding, and we are slowly drifting away from the values and principles which are at its heart. of our democracy. We must reevaluate leadership and revisit our commitments to the American people.
We have also inherited unhealthy ideals and habits from our ancestors who hold us hostage in the past, stuck in entitlement, racism, dominance, and inequality. Their weaknesses, and the deep hurt some of them caused are still impacting us today. Many of these ideals no longer serve us. The time has come to heal old wounds.
RESTORE Our DEMOCRACY is a reflection on history, political philosophy, and the current reality. Neff takes a raw look at how our unconscious loyalty to the past continues to impact our society still, today. The book revisits the original values and principles of Democracy and offers readers a call to action.
Werner Neff holds a PhD in Political Science and a Master degree in Economics. Deeply passionate about Democracy, political science, and economics, Neff has researched and written several books on social economy and politics during the past 10 years.
Neff, a Swiss citizen, married to an American, has been living in the mountains of Colorado for over 10 years. It is his fondest wish that his research into history and democratic principles will help strengthen our resolve to return to the fundamental values of the American Democracy.