31-AF7zXfWL._UX250_Real estate is the single most expensive investment most people make. How is it then that we find ourselves hiring real estate agents who aren’t up to the task?

As a buyer or seller of real estate you’ll spend thousands of dollars on commission fees. Now more than ever, you want your money working for you in buying and selling decisions.

“Results Matter” is written for buyers and sellers who want the objective information they will need to hire a qualified real estate professional – based on the agent’s track record of getting results for their clients. Written by an industry insider, the book is divided into two sections:

The first section is written for Sellers. It provides the questions to ask an agent that focus on their results as well as shedding light on possible conflicts of interest and what you should expect, as a Seller working with a skilled real estate professional who is representing your interests.
Questions for Sellers

The second section is written for Buyers. The focus is on hiring a qualified agent based on their track record of results, provides the essential questions to ask and the answers that matter most to Buyers. This section also illustrates the real value a skilled consumer-centric agent can provide for the Buyer in a real estate transaction.
Questions for Buyers

A skilled agent can save you time and money – “Results Matter – How smart people hire smart real estate agents” can show you how to find the right agent that will get you the results you’re looking for.

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About the Author

Nancy Gardner has been working in the real estate industry since 1979. In 2001 she started a company focused on raising the skill level of both management and agents in order to provide better results for buyers and sellers and resulting in profitable growth for the companies. Nancy focuses on consumer-centric practices such as accountable and skilled management that provide agents the training and coaching they need to bring value to today’s post recession consumer. She trains on using market data, agent’s results stats (for their clients), absorption rate pricing analysis, professional presentations for both seller and buyer as well as structured and accountable leads management and the necessary technology to compete in today’s fast changing online world. Nancy believes that today’s competitive advantage for both company and agent is ultimately found in their ability to get results for their clients.

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