The world we live in is a scary place, but our minds can be even more frightening.
Written from the perspective of a young woman, Retreat. Recollection. Renewal. is a compilation of thought-provoking reflections and remarks through which the writer attempts to make sense of her reality and her place in the world by retreating in herself. Having found safety in the blankness of the white page, the writer takes her stance on a broad range of human experiences such as love, nostalgia, loneliness, failure, and personal development and expresses her suppressed emotions and unspoken thoughts. But even at her lowest, while reprimanding herself for her shortcomings, she composes uplifting messages of reassurance and comfort. Thanks to a process of deep recollection, the writer becomes aware of the concept of happiness, which she pursues by developing a renewed, more secure, and more peaceful state of mind.
The meditations presented in this book offer a fresh insight not only on how to counter the idea that our wellbeing hinges on transient things, but also on how to make the mind a powerful ally in the pursuit of a happy, simple, yet fulfilled life.