vsvfdssWhen a terrorist splinter group carries out a series of attacks on the West, an American intelligence analyst becomes involved in events far more closely than he could ever have imagined. Forced to witness a brutal murder at close quarters, and even closer to home, he vows to exact “retribution” – whatever the cost.
The analyst becomes the catalyst in unfolding actions and the novel becomes both a detective story to track the mastermind and an action thriller to take out the terrorist organization. Events build to a catastrophic climax; can an international crisis be averted? Can an elusive urban guerrilla be tracked and stopped? What will be the cost?
Fast paced and international in scope, this is the first novel in a series built around a set of realistic characters immersed in extreme circumstances. Technically accurate and well researched; this series of novels takes us into the world of ex Special Forces operatives’ now working in. the private sector.
These characters have taken on a life of their own and are telling me further tall tales – I’ll write them down as quickly as I can.
Read and enjoy,
Nicholas Gill.

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Five Star Review by  T.W. Barton

This book epitomizes an adrenalized thrill ride.

The story centers on a CIA agent that while on the trail of a new terrorist group ends up having a close encounter of the worst kind that sets him on the path of Retribution.

I discovered the book on twitter from the author as he was promoting free copies. I picked up the book and enjoyed it so much that I went over and bought a copy because I always want to

support indie authors that create worthy bodies of work.

The cast of characters of this story are brought together after being effected by a series of terrorists’ attacks. The terrorists’ goal is the destruction of both the west and Israel. After multiple

attacks a team of hard men are assembled to track down the terrorists and put them out of business and unfortunately for the terrorist they have an ace in the hole whose ego and jealousy

brings about the ultimate betrayal.

There is just one hit after another in this story. The bad guys are hunted and while they get what they have coming the good guys don’t escape unscathed.

This is the debut novel of an indie author and the first in the series. It’s well known that authors get better with each book and if this is any indication of what is to come from Mr. Gill then we as

thriller readers will be very happy to have a new series to feed our thirst.

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hi, a former royal marines commando and oil industry engineer i now live in the philippine islands where its beautiful, sunny, cheap and the people smile and are polite.

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