Return Home Wounded Warriors by Joseph Woodley

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Book Description:

Many believers have so much to offer, but find their gifting dormant, in a state of hibernation or just slowly dying. Many have walked away from the faith due to unresolved disagreement and hurt, some of which has been unjustly inflicted by individuals that sit in the chairs that occupy our sanctuaries. We have allowed the enemy to use our personalities, politics and personal ambitions as a tool to distract the body from carrying out its mission in the earth. As the world stands unified in its mission and is steadily meeting its objectives, all too often we view each other as the enemy and not the brothers and sisters in Christ that we are.

But today, I call those wounded warriors home. Today I sound the clarion call for the church to arise as the body of Christ it is intended to be. I call the heartbroken, the confused, the depressed and the oppressed to be delivered and set free. We have been called to heal the sick, to set the captives of sin free and to preach the Good News of Christ to a world that is overcome with darkness and despair. We need all hands on deck, and every man, woman and child unapologetically walking masterfully in his purpose, operating under the authority of the Holy Spirit.

In the pages of this book, you will find an honest discussion of some issues we’ve allowed to contaminate us, paired with applicable Bible- based solutions focused on the healing, redemption and equipping of believers.

The church is a living, breathing organism. It sees, hears, feels, touches and tastes, because the church is not just a place, the church is you. Come home wounded warriors.

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About the Author

Joseph Woodley is a speaker and the author of many faith-based literary works that include, ‘Return Home Wounded Warriors: The Church is You’ and ‘No Generals in the House’.

Joseph resides in Columbus, Ohio with his son. Joseph is a devout believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. His commitment to his faith, family and church are preeminent motivational factors in how he conducts himself and the affairs of his daily life.

Joseph authors books based in sound biblical principles, addressing relevant cultural and spiritual topics. He has been the keynote speaker and presenter for numerous organizations.

Additionally, he has had the honor of being a special guest on numerous nationally syndicated broadcasts.

The majority of his published books address the importance of faith, family and prayer in the restoration of the life of the believer, the life of the church, our communities and the healing of the nation.

Mr. Woodley has worked with institutions of learning (public/charter schools, universities), community groups and churches (denominational and non-denominational) in the pursuit of spreading the life- changing gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, who resides in us.

Speaking topics include:

Restoring Manhood
The Love of the Father
Tradition vs Idolatry
Back to Basics: Prayer Still Works
Religion or Relationship

For more information, please visit:

Joseph Woodley has been a special guest and interviewed on numerous broadcasts including:

-‘The Afternoon Drive with Allen Cuffey’, WLIX Radio, NY
– ‘Outcast Radio with Don Campbell’, KETX Radio, Houston, TX
-‘The Bob Dutko Show’, WMUZ Radio, Detroit, MI
– ‘Lou In The Morning’, WPFL Legends, Pensacola, FL
– ‘Penguin Tracks with Jill Sheets’, KOPN Radio, Columbia, MO
– ‘Heartscape with Host Michelle Wargo’, WRHB Radio, Leesburg, FL
– ‘Dr. Jim Talk Show with Host Reverend Jim Brettell’, KVDW, KAAY, KMTL, Jacksonville, AR
– ‘AM730 Morning Show with Birga Alden’, KDAZ, Albuquerque, NM

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