Return to Autumn

by – Rusty Blackwood (Author)

Part 1 of the 2-part sequel to The Perils of Autumn 

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Book Description:

Are you ready to take the ride through this long-awaited two-part sequel to the 5-star, multi-award-winning, romantic fiction drama, The Perils of Autumn? The Meadows of Kentucky awaits your return.

The first, the anticipated, romantic fiction drama, Return to Autumn, picks up four years later, and sweeps you back to the often perilous life at Landon Lawns Stables. It is now April 1976, and life in Landon Manor has carried on for Autumn Leeves-Landon, and her mature husband, Cyril, along with their young daughter Abby, and their astute, devoted housekeeper and friend, Agnes Harris.

Life in the Thoroughbred stables has also carried on for head groom and trainer, Manfred Montgomery, and stable foreman, William Brown, as they continue their ongoing quest to bring Duff Taylor, Landon Lawns’ exclusive jockey, to justice for suspicious involvement in an unsolved racing incident from his past. However, Duff has managed to add to his growing page of secrets, that of which is about to be revealed within these exciting pages.

I cannot say enough good things about Return to Autumn. I strongly urge you to put this on the very top of your reading list; it will not disappoint. – 5 stars – Trudi L.

Has all the right components for a Hallmark movie. – 5 stars – Readers Favorite Books

Reviews for the Book

Return to Autumn is the first part of a 2-part sequel to The Perils of Autumn, where this often perilous story begins, and continues the ups and downs that you experience in The Perils of Autumn. Return to Autumn picks up 4 years later, and you find yourself back at the prestigious Landon Manor with Autumn, Cyril, Abby, and Agnes as they continue their lives while contending with the upsetting circumstances caused by Landon Lawns exclusive jockey, Duff Taylor, whom stable foreman William Brown, and head groom and trainer Manfred Montgomery, are pressing to the wall regarding his unsavory actions while they continue their investigations into his shady past and the secret he keeps hidden at all costs. A great read that is highly recommended. - Carol Weir

About the Author: Rusty Blackwood

Romantic fiction author Rusty Blackwood, who chose her nom de plume by combining the colour of her russet hair with her husband’s great, great, Scottish grandmother’s maiden name, was born in St.Thomas, Ontario, Canada on October 5th, and grew up on her paternal grandfather’s farm in the County of Elgin, located in the south-western portion of the province of Ontario.

She acquired her love of literature while still in elementary school where she entered her original compositions into county fairs, school contests, and whatever venue allowed participants in the writing field. She has carried that love ever since, and has put it to use many times since becoming a professional writer in 2001.

From the time of youth she has loved the Arts in their many unique forms, and is a graduate with honors in Interior Decorating & Design. She spent many years on the south-western Ontario stage performing with her family’s country music band: The Midnight Ramblers, followed by the country – rock – blues band: ‘MIRAGE’ as an accomplished vocalist, bassist, and rhythm guitarist. She now resides in the cultural city of St. Catharines, Ontario.

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