51rY9HSD0uL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Ever wonder how business really operates? Why Management makes the decisions that it does? How do some people get away with bad behavior at work while others don’t? Well the answer is that Business is a sociopathic beast. Virtually everyone working in business knows it, but few individuals are willing to admit it, and even fewer are willing to discuss it. This is the “elephant in the room” for every company & corporation, no matter what industry they operate within. Dealing with these scenarios can be extremely difficult and stressful if an individual is unprepared. That is where this book can help. This book is a guide to the truth of many business topics that are rarely discussed in training programs or school/college textbooks. It takes an objective look at the illusions that are perpetuated by companies and corporations, and the reality behind them. It also offers many techniques to deal with these scenarios, and provides the insight needed to see through the self-serving motivations of those activities. Some of these topics include: • The Ego of Corporations • How Companies Manipulate their Workforce • Bullying in the Workplace • Management Incompetence • Client & Customer Vendettas • Maintaining Balance & Principles ….and many more! This book can ultimately help an individual increase their understanding and mastery of the business world, and assist them along the path of true success.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Autamme_dot_com

The world of business is not a pleasant place to be, it is a sociopathic beast that everyone accepts but very few will discuss or challenge – this is the stark claim of the author behind this compact book!

The average workplace is an environment of fear and control and this clearly spreads itself like a disease from company to company, infecting all individuals along the way. Yet there is an antidote, the author claims, and he believes that he can show it, so that both our current and next-generation business leaders can champion this change if they can just accept there is a problem and if they want to resolve it.

There can be some stunning, yet blindingly obvious subjects being brought out for discussion, with the author noting that most universities and training courses do not even discuss, acknowledge or seek to address toxic workplace cultures, bullying and the negative effects of poor leadership. Everything is often “perfect” in these walled gardens.

Let’s be clear. Some of the events can sound far-fetched and obviously the author has had to distil everything into relatively few pages. The world is not as black as it might seem, yet it is far from being perfect. This reviewer has seen at first-hand some of the corrosive practices “in use” and heard many second-hand stories from around the world. It is a real problem that affects far too many people to be a mere coincidence or an occasional, irregular event.

The layout and flow of the book was a little jarring but the seriousness of the subject matter managed to retain the reader’s focus.

Maybe you are lucky so far? The author writes “…there are a few exceptional, shining examples of superior businesses/corporations that do exist in the world today which deal with many of these problems quite well while keeping their respect for humanity. If you are fortunate enough to be gainfully employed at one of those places, be grateful for it every single day, as the majority of the world is not so lucky.”

For everyone else, no matter where you might be on the corporate ladder, this book could be literally a lifesaver. It might change your life or possibly help you change the life of others, if you just will read the book and let it change you if change is truly necessary!

About the Author

Brian Ray is a Business and Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience in the field. He has worked with several of the largest companies in the world on multiple projects and assignments, from the basic Project level all the way up to Executive level. Additionally, he is a singer trained in the classical, Broadway, and modern methods, a musician, martial artist, and Public Speaker/Corporate Trainer specializing in promoting positive changes in business and people. He is also a strong advocate for the prevention of bullying.

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