Locked in the genome base of man and animal lie the ancient and prehistoric past of their former selves. Evolution has been the cheerleaders of biological progress, but now the cheerleaders have have switched teams.

The prehistoric days of the past have resurfaced. Dinosaurs once again repopulate the earth in the aftermath of a sudden polar reversal. Never before has man been pitted in the fight for survival with that of the Dinosaur … until now.

Yellowstone National Parks System.

While scientists were bracing the world for the news that a super volcano was showing signs of erupting, other forces far worse were taking shape. Deep beneath the surface, the sound of rumbling was heard over more than eighteen hundred miles in all directions.

Seismograph instruments recorded an alarming, yet confusing array of data points which suggested volcanic forces had inverted. Over a third of the earth’s mantle had atrophied under the loss of its mass. As a result, the hot magma burrowed its way down to where it came, over millions of years ago.

The sudden rise in inner core temperature created a dipole shift, which in turn reversed the earth’s magnetic poles. North was now South, and South was now North. Instantaneously, traces of seismic activity vanished. It appeared all life would escape the catastrophic results from the sudden polar reversal event.

Within hours, earthquakes, followed by tsunamis’ the size of which rivaled the memories of recorded history. Such tsunamis spread its way across all the oceans of the world. Conveyors of ocean currents broke from their magnetic cable lines of force, expelling forward, the energy to create hurricanes and typhoons on a scale never before imagined.

In the envelope of gravity, satellite positioning orbits rippled under the aftermath of earth’s magnetic reversal. Communication and GPS satellites fell from their positions as they lost track of earth. Most re-entered the atmosphere and shot across the sky as if a meteorite storm had befallen those who watched in astonishment. While those people watched the celestial show, a silent and invisible killer swept across the land from Beijing to Munich and all other parts of the globe. All across the world, electrical components and sensors failed, and thousands of aircraft crashed. The magnetic shift had upset the angle of the earth’s tilt so slightly that no one could detect the change.

In the vapor trail left behind in space, some of earth’s atmosphere was lost as it ‘cannon-balled’ through a normal orbit around the sun. The exposed ozone layer was burned away under the effects of the sun’s solar storms. Solar flares pounded earth along with a flood of high-intensity bursts of cosmic rays. While the Sun’s photon energy worked hard to close the ozone hole, many left their homes to wander about, searching for answers to what happened.

A collective revelation to all survivors was the sparkles of light they say they’d seen. In beginning stages of cosmic ray exposure, many recounted that they experienced bright little sparkles of light in the peripheral vision of their eyes. It was not enough to know that it was sub-atomic particles of dying neutrons that made up alpha and gamma and other cosmic rays including X-rays to race about, penetrating through hydrated tissue like minuscule scalpels slicing away at such things as one’s genes.

The genomes of man and animal had changed. Such chromosomes had been incised, spliced, and in all, haphazardly arranged to form off-breeds of man, animal, and insect. Without a scientific means to establish the effects of the event, the world went soberly forward into a reality that the old world would never return; such, being the world in which everyone was familiar. The absence of electricity was enough to change the world in a way no one was prepared to experience.

Will mankind be prepared for the explosive re-emergence of a prehistoric world?
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