Jabr Oslander, son of a Christian missionary family, grew up in the Kuwait Christian Medical Compound of the 1930’s. From early childhood, he was trained in the knowledge of Scripture and the Lord’s saving grace. But the vaccination of didn’t take. He rebelled. His Christian Arab grandmother pronounced him a “wild donkey”.

The discovery of oil in Kuwait in 1938 set him spinning out of control. He ran wild with financial exploits and efforts to dominate his situation. He became a “wild donkey” of a man.

Does God let him continue to destruction? Maybe there is no cure for his rantings. Is Jabr just too much trouble for God?

Jim Carroll and his family served as medical missionaries in Kuwait. When the Iraqis attacked on August 2, 1990, Jim was trapped for more than four months in the US Embassy. He has worked and traveled in the Middle East for many years. In 2014 he retired as a medical educator and researcher. Since then Jim has continued to share his experiences and knowledge of the Middle East. Wild Donkey is his fifth novel.

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