Rhapsody in Dreams

by – Stella May (Author)

Is it too late, or do they have one more chance?

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Book Description:

He saved her life. She became his muse.

Transcending time, their love was absolute—and always out of reach.

Is it too late, or do they have one more chance?

Both Kira Wagner and Al Gabriel have the gift of music. While he becomes a world-renowned pianist, she grows up to be a gifted surgeon.

Years ago, in 1992, they met in a dream that felt too real to be just a fantasy.

She was trapped under the rubble amidst the chaos of Hurricane Andrew, a little girl of six, and he rescued her from inevitable death.

For the next eight years, they lived their lives remembering the dream that changed them both and knowing that it was much more than a simple vision.

In 2000, at his concert, Al sees the face in the audience he’d never forget—the girl he once saved in a dream. So she wasn’t an illusion, after all.

But neither of these two encounters was the first time they’d met. Centuries of several lifetimes before create an unbreakable bond between them.

Miracle or curse? Mystic or reality?

Nearly a decade after that concert, fate reunites them once more.

Remembering each of their previous lives, where they met and fell in love only to be torn apart over and over again, Kira knows this to be the final reunion that destiny has in store for them. She knows they are meant, but Al doesn’t remember. Or does he?

Can two souls be united at last, completing their centuries-long journey?

Reviews for the Book

This book....this book was beautifully written. It kept my attention by having more than one interesting character and the way the story flowed was on point. This was not a book I normally would have read and I am thankful it was referred to me by a great friend. 5 stars is a must. Hope you love it as much as I did ❤ - 	Michelle R Mitchell

About the Author: Stella May

My name is Marina Sardarova. Stella May is my pen name (or my alter ego). In many regards, we are very different, even though she is me. She’s more daring, braver and self-assured; she knows exactly what she wants. She writes because she loves it and because she has stories inside of her. She never listens when people tell her she cannot do something simply because it’s impossible. She believes in herself. In short- she’s a much better version of myself.

I was born in the sixties of the last century in a country that doesn’t exist anymore: the former Soviet Union. However, I am not Russian-I’m Armenian and proud of my heritage.

Literature and music are my two great passions.

I graduated from a Conservatory (or Music Academy) with a diploma in musicology.

When I moved to the United States, I quickly realized that I needed to learn English more than I needed to eat. Because while I could easily survive on water and bread, I absolutely refused to live without books. And so, I taught myself English.

As soon as I was able to read books, my life became whole again. And the absolutely crazy idea of writing started to slowly emerge from somewhere within…

I guess that’s when Stella May first started to emerge. She didn’t have her own name yet, or her own identity. She was still hiding behind me, unsure and hesitant.

Then, one night, I saw in my dream a very young woman, almost a girl, who was standing in the middle of a crowd, clutching a baby. She was skinny, badly dressed and scared. She had green eyes and curly red hair, and her name was Natasha. She was at the JFK airport. Somehow, I knew that. I also knew that the baby wasn’t hers. Above her head I saw a banner: Welcome to the United States of America. And that’s how the idea of Rostoff saga (Once & Forever ) came to me. And that’s when Stella May was born.

Why Stella May? Well, it’s really simple: Stella is the name of my favorite aunt whom I adore; May is my birth month. And the initials – S M – are my own, only in reverse.

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