Rib Bone Jack: Thief’s honour by John Williamson

In the midst of the fragile peace of 1802, trouble looms between England and France. A wrecked French gold shipment lies stranded on the rocks of a Scottish island. A prize of such unimaginable value can’t be ignored by either side, regardless of the cost.
Only a totally deniable force can be sent to retrieve the prize for king and country, but amongst the thieves and cut-throats selected, can any one of them be trusted?
This is the third of the ‘Rib Bone Jack’ adventures, following the roguish youngster into a whole new level of warfare, once more with the stakes stacked against him and as ever, his fate being manipulated by the ever more sinister Major.
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About the Author

It took thirty eight years to discover the pen. Prior to that, my working life had, and still does span several industries. In that time I succeeded and failed in many things, which looking back, the success of a venture is perhaps less important than it seemed at the time. Ultimately it has provided to me with the greatest qualification for an author, which is rich life experience and the freedom from conventional thinking.
The stories began about eight years ago, when my eldest two children were just toddlers. I often left the house early in the morning, only returning late in the evening. They would wait up for bedtime stories, and bedtime stories became very important to us as a result. From time to time the chosen story would be rejected, and so I would make something up. Eventually all books were rejected, in favour of daddies made up stories. Even then the idea of publishing anything didn’t cross my mind. It took a change in profession which meant I was no longer designing things. This seemed to leave a frustrating hole in the creative part of my brain, and so ‘A wing to the wild’ was written.
With the shock of turning forty, I have published the first ‘Rib Bone Jack’ book (historical fiction, set in the Napoleonic war era.) This marks a sharp turning point in my writing, targeting an adult audience. I am conscious of the fact that my existing readership are children, Which is why have taken care that there’s nothing I would consider unsuitable for older children.
I am eternally grateful to those who spend their time and money on my books, and hope you’ll continue to follow my work in the future.

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