15YC7IpD_400x400Tensions Explode in New York City Newspaper Union Strike When Passions Are At War With Principles!

Caroline Keller is the first labor relations representative for the nation’s largest daily newspaper, The New York Mirror. As a rising star in the “Citadel of Corporate Power,” she is also the fastest in the fast lane, racing straight to the top. Until she finds herself bargaining not only for her employer, but also for her heart. Lester Gordon, of Cherokee-Indian roots, is the man leading the union battle. Brilliant and uncompromising, he is a man who fights for what he believes in without giving an inch. He is everything Caroline has ever wanted in a man, but he’s Labor, she is Management.
Enemies on the Business Battle Field Caught in a No Win Negotiation of Love.

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“A Review of Ride the Eagle”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Danny L. Murr

A REVIEW OF RIDE THE EAGLE (Rose International) A strike in any business has a tremendous effect on lots of people, moreso when it draggs on into months. When it goes that long, union bosses and management are generally miles apart, and haggling over major issues. Such is the case at the New York Mirror where Lester Gordon, the union negotiator, and Caroline Keller, the Mirror’s labor relations representative, have their respective negotiating teams at odds with each other. Kristina O’Donnelly has not only put together an excellent plot, but she has managed to write this book with great passion, preciseness and emotion. She writes so well that you can feel the tension in the conference room where union and management are locked in heated negotiations; brings out the emotional upheavals that go on in such confrontations, the anger, frustration that almost triggers violence between two of the key players, even the tension of crossing a picket line. You can even feel the tautness in Caroline’s body as she slips and slides across icy sidewalks on a windy, cold, snowy night, trying to get to Lester’s office to deliver a talk from the heart as negotiations are at a crucial juncture. O’Donnelly also develops a very heated, exciting, but controversial romance between Lester and Caroline, and you can feel the underlying concerns of both as they fall more deeply in love, and grow more physically attracted to each other, unaable to quell the fires that burn within. While you wonder what happens to the Mirror’s strike, whether or not the shutdown of the newspaper and the intimacy between Lester and Caroline will have a bearing on their futures, she makes you wonder if their relationship will brilliantly flourish, or finally go down in flames. Kristina O’Donnelly makes you feel all the emotions involved, to want to keep reading on, anxious to get to the end for the climax, and once you’re there, to keep going on and on. Ride the Eagle is an excellent, highly recommended book, a real five-star effort by Kristina O’Donnelly. Dan Murr Clocktower Books.

About the Author

Kristina O’Donnelly was born in Rome, Italy, from an Austrian mother and Italian/Albanian father, and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, until the threesome relocated to the United States.

Widow of her soulmate, Michael John O’Donnelly, a native of Co. Armagh, in Northern Ireland, Kristina is at home in Italy, Austria, Turkey, Ireland, as well as the United States of America. O’Donnelly is known for offering novels described as “imbibing exotic cocktails on the Orient Express.”

Her multi-cultural plots do include sizzling love affairs, but also controversial socio/political issues that are current, as well as ancient philosophies, no holds barred human emotions, and far-flung, beguiling locales.

Kristina is a firm believer in the can do, will do, spirit, and that one should never give up the good fight as every person’s effort, counts.
Her diversified rucksack of professional experiences include acting, writing (journalist, columnist, editor, publisher), and advertising (with the New York Daily News), union activism (The Newspaper Guild of America), even real estate sales.

Her novels have received several awards and been published in the USA as well as Canada, Spain, England, New Zealand and Turkey.
She is a Founder of Florida Writers Association, Inc.

Her main body of work is Lands of the Morning™, a series of kaleidoscopic, exotic, international, ethnically diverse novels, with excellent potential for a TV-series.
The pervading theme in the Lands of the Morning™ Series is love, as well as social justice, controversial, all-consuming, and ultimately, redeeming. The trials, tribulations and triumphs of three respective families are traced from their roots in the mists of pre-history. They are the Berks, Trojans, the Alkibiades’, Achaeans, and the Kayhans, Turks. Skeins of exotic people, places and customs rooted in Turkey and branching out to Ireland, Israel, United States of America, Italy, Greece, and Saudi Arabia, interlace the subplots with the fast-growing scheme of events, climaxing in an unexpected denouement.

The fruit of a lifetime of research and writing, this series is fiction based upon authentic, contemporary as well as historical backgrounds and events.

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