Ride into Romance

by – Karen Black (Author)

Once again, Maggie must decide.

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Book Description:

Personalities clash and relationships explode when Maggie is forced to choose between the man she’d hoped to marry and her dream of a career as a thoroughbred jockey. She learns the truth can be brutal, as she discovers that some horsemen will do anything in pursuit of success, including using her as the means to an end. Still, there are others who want nothing but her affection. Once again, Maggie must decide.

Reviews for the Book

"Ride Into Romance is the quintessential escapist read, with all the elements that make romance such an enduring giant in the literary genre. There is the push-pull, will-they-won't-they dynamic, the expected angst, and all the feels to keep readers turning pages into the night."The Book Review Directory.
"A lighthearted love story that carries hope, forgiveness, and a promise of accomplished dreams...Ride into Romance is an uplifting love story suitable for readers who love modern westerns, cowboys, and friends-to-lovers tropes." Independent Book Review.
"A story of a woman torn between her career and the traditional values of a relationship. An easy fun read, but so romantic that your heart will swell for the true hero of the story. Just one of those "I can't wait to see how it ends" kind of stories." International Review of Books.
"...a sweet romance revolving around horses ... beautifully crafted and written ... with intrigue and conflict." Readers' Favorite.
"...captivating story of a woman who is faced with a difficult choice. Black's writing style is powerful and poignant, and she has a unique ability to evoke a wide range of emotions in her readers." Midwest Book Review
"Ride Into Romance captivated me from page one. The horse racing world is new to me and I found that it and the sweet slow-burn romance between Maggie and Johnny made me a happy reader... Every character was believable and added depth to the beautifully spun tale."Books Go Social

About the Author: Karen Black

Writing in a variety of genres, Black’s character driven stories rarely turn out quite the way the reader would expect. The author combines imagination and experience to weave dramatic plots with believable characters in descriptive settings, whether contemporary or supernatural.

Those familiar with her prose can attest to her fascination with the paranormal. Even when it isn’t the basis of the plot, it is not unusual to find a touch of the supernatural in her books. Occasionally, the reference is so subtle, the reader could miss it.

With a passion for animals, the author includes a four-legged character in most storylines, even if just a cameo appearance. Two of Black’s novels, “Race into Murder” and “Ride into Romance,” draw on her background as a racehorse owner. Her experience at the racetrack supplies realism to the setting, the races and the characters.

Black lives in the United States with her husband, and two alien creatures disguised as cats. While each of the furry critters is unique, one of them is rumored to be ET’s second cousin. The rumor, however, has not been confirmed.

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